Saturday, April 27, 2013

Using Xhydra to hack AIM (Aol Instant Messenger) screen names.

I really Love Backtrack 5 and all the tools it comes with, Metasploit, Xhydra, Nmap, some of the most popular. But there's nothing i enjoy more than the feeling of success, the feeling you get when your hard work finally pays off, and the password goes through. I had a lot of fun doing this as a password pentester back in my younger days. i was surprised at just how easy it was to get peoples passwords using a brute forcer and the right server configuration. i was popular on AIM. i had over 160 friends, and what that meant is that i had over 160 active screen names to try and get the password to!
Here's how it's done.
Fire up a terminal, zenmap and Xhydra

ping your output should look like this:
In some circumstances the IP address will be different. i will supply you with the correct one; but hypothetically any IP address will work

step 1. ping (

step 2. port scan the IP address and verify port 587 (SMTP AUTH) is open

step 3. input data into Xhydra
-target tab-
single target:
port: 587
service: smtp

-password tab-
username: programmerdemon (or any screenname)
password: passwordlist (i have my own)
*others can be found in /root/pentest/passwords/wordlist/
*or Here 

 -tuning tab-
about 8 tasks should be fine

it was my screenname so i didn't show the password. also, you may want to use a proxy. any questions don't hesitate to email.



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  2. can you please email how to use proxies?
    also i've followed everything you posted(using both kali and bt5 r3)
    i use wordlist with only 1 password with for my screen name, i know for a fact works. which doesn't pop up when i try your method. it says (1passwrd tried non found). weird?
    any info would be great. thanks for the write up. already bump :-)

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